Updating a blu ray player

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Updating a blu ray player

The streaming features of a Blu-ray player should be considered a bonus rather than a reason to upgrade.Only having a DVD player is a good reason to upgrade.This year and last I’ve tested a dozen players for The Wirecutter using the same intensive methods.

Your 4K TV will already upconvert video as well as any inexpensive player, and there are better ways to get your mobile device’s screen to your TV.If you have one of these older players, find you can’t watch a new Blu-ray you bought, and can’t update your player, you may need to upgrade.Most players continue to get upgrades, though, and we have players that are over five years old that still play all new releases.An HDMI input means you can even process video from other sources like your cable box.Analog audio outputs and dual HDMI outputs let you connect the Oppo easily to complex setups.

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Since everything else is the same and most people don’t need 3D, the BDP-S3500 is a better pick for most if it’s available more cheaply.

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