Sedating italian greyhounds

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Sedating italian greyhounds

by Amy Wolfgang, DVM One of the most common questions that I hear in my practice is, ” What over-the-counter medications are safe to use for my dog?” Many products are very detrimental and can cause illness and even death.Withhold food and water for 8-12 hours, then start with small amounts of a bland diet as described above.Greyhounds can take Pepcid AC at a dose of 10mg orally once daily.Glucosamine is a very safe and effective supplement to give and is available in pet stores as well as grocery stores and vitamin shops.Some pet foods, especially senior diets even have glucosamine added right in.

The following list of medications and usual dosages is specific to greyhounds only.

Here are some of the common OTC product categories: The only OTC product that can be used in limited cases for pain and inflammation is Buffered Aspirin.

I usually start at a dose of 81mg orally once daily, not to exceed 325mg orally twice daily.

Therefore, it is essential that before starting therapy with aspirin, check with your veterinarian to make sure that it is appropriate for your greyhound.

Always give Aspirin with food and discontinue if any adverse side effects occur.

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If your dog starts having diarrhea but seems fine otherwise, I recommend initially withholding food for about 8-12 hours to give the digestive system a rest.

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