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Before becoming the fiancé of the only Kardashian son, Blac Chyna was best known for her past as a stripper.

A stark contrast to the Kardashians’ high-society lifestyle full of winters skiing in Vail and summers swimming at any given mansion in California, Chyna grew up the daughter of a single, working-class mother in Washington, D. Though the Kardashians are now considered poster children for New Money in the social media epoch, they have always had the benefit of upper-middle-class trappings. And by the early 2000s, the family was a fixture among Hollywood’s rising classes.

Hell, they’ve even convinced us to pay to watch them on their apps as they do things like get their makeup applied. ) all while earning hundreds of thousands in sponsorship revenue.

C.’s Stadium Club, Detroit’s 007, and Miami’s King of Diamonds.

The club has become a familiar stepping-stone for dancers trying to gain some level of fame.

VH1’s most popular reality show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, has a few former KOD dancers in its cast, including one of the franchise’s biggest stars, Joseline Hernandez.

Even then, Chyna stood out; it was obvious to the men around her that she was, as one of them put it, “on her way.” Interviews from those who knew her at the time attest to her marketing mindset.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Jessica Dime lived with Chyna while they were strippers at KOD, and in a 2011 interview with DJ Smallz, she spoke about how the two used to be “bossed up” (read: professional and focused on making money for an intended goal) in a way that she believed set them apart from strippers today. Bands [of money] in our suitcases; we would go on a 10-day grind and save all our money.” Stripping was never the end goal; they were thinking ahead, saving to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

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