Non liquidating dividends

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Non liquidating dividends

For example, if a player had enough net worth, he or she (or a company controlled by a player) could take positions in a commodity equal to many times the annual global production of that commodity, or buy or short puts or call options in an amount equal to 100% of a company's total outstanding stock, or do interest rate swaps limited only by the number of available counterparties (most of whom would be bankrupted if they were all on the wrong side of your successful swap deals).

Based on research into global production and storage numbers for the various commodities, as published by the International Energy Agency, the United Nations, and certain trade associations, we have limited the total amount of futures on a given commodity held or shorted by all players and companies in the game to 100% of annual global production for that commodity, and set a limit on total storage by all entities in W$R to 100% of estimated global storage of the commodity (by private entities).

(The registered version allows games of up to 35 years length.) To order the registered version 8.0 (.95) that includes the "Customizer" utility program that lets you permanently change company names and stock symbols, or to order the "Full Package" that includes the W$R Strategy Manual (electronic, not a print version) and the Customizer, for .95, CLICK HERE to go to our ordering page menu.

8.0) at a greatly reduced price of .95, which includes the latest version of the (electronic) strategy manual, which now comes in both HTML and . DOC for easy printing, if you wish to print out a hard copy).

To access the reduced price ordering link, simply load your current (REGISTERED) version of W$R, and click on the "Game Options/Updates" menu item, which will take you to the ordering page on the Internet.

Currency exchange rates fluctuate rapidly, as world economic changes occur.

As a result, the "default" exchange rates (relative to the U. dollar) we have built into Wall Street Raider can get seriously out of date in a matter of a year or two.

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The above changes should make it more difficult to quickly become a quadrillionaire, adding a large dose of realism to the simulation.

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