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Question: If the aim of my project is to see how gender affects the relationship between X and Y, should I use moderation or interaction?

Note: My project is about the correlation between X and Y, not causal relationship between X and Y.

Most social networking sites have their report button for this and other related instances.

Also, the PNP and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have their cybercrime department that deals of these matters.

For example, gender (M) can affect the relationship between "product research" (X) and "product purchase" (Y). The same example here is that "product research" (X1) is affected by "gender" (X2) and together they affect "product purchase" (Y).

The criminals will do their best to keep the momentum of the conversation going.

They might come across a few predators online, so be sure to give them proper guidance.

If you’ve come across internet predators, don’t forget to report them.

You’ll be doing a lot of good with a simple report.

I have come across these two terms which are used interchangeably in many contexts.

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When the victim has fallen to their trap, criminals will now go for the kill.

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