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Find Law: Iran-offers a list of online internet resources.JURIST: Iran-Provides an overview of the government, the presidency, the legal and judicial systems, courts & judgments, human rights and online resources.Reza Badamchi & Associates-Specializes in Intellectual property rights, including patents and trademarks. Hami Legal Services Inc.-Patent and Trademark Agents.Bokharai & Associates-Specializes in intellectual property, civil and Corporate law and business law. Ebadi Tabrizi & Associates-Provides a wide range of legal services in Iran including IP matters. Ali Laghaee & Associates-Specializes in the field of intellectual property and corporate law.

Court of Justice | Civil Code | Citizenship Law | Drug Law | Election Law | Environmental Law | Natural Resources Law | Family Law | Labor Law | Disability Law | Maritime Law | Caspian Sea Legal Status | NGO Law | Press Law | Associations | Law Firms | Human Rights | HR Activists | Law Sites | Law Journals | News | Islamic Law | Int.Law Constitution Constitution (ICL-English)-Adopted in 1979 and amended in 1989.Constitution (English) Constitution (Persian) State Structure IVL: Leadership | Judiciary | Executive | Legislative Who's Who (BBC)-A collection of Profiles of notable contemporary Iranians. Iran: Who Holds the Power (BBC)-Learn about how Iran's complex political system works and who really wields the power.Eizenstat Statement on Sanctions (July 26, 1999) Statement by Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman On New Regulations Providing Sanctions Relief for Agriculture (July 26, 1999) Extension of Iran and Libya Sanctions Act (August 3, 2001) Extension of Iran and Libya Sanctions Act (July 31, 2003) Executive Orders Iran-US Claims Tribunal The Algiers Accords (January 19, 1981) Iran-United States Claims Tribunal (Official Site) US Department of State Info on Iran-US Claims Tribunal The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal?s contributions to the Law of State Responsibility Iran-US Treaties Treaties in Force as of January 1, 2003 (U. Department of State)-Read pages 139, 140, 141 in pdf format.

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