Dr drew39s lifechangers interracial dating debate

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Dr drew39s lifechangers interracial dating debate

I was shocked, but it happened so quickly and was so outlandish that I didn't even think to respond.

This audacious comparison underscores the often-predictable public impressions about our Afro-textured, curly hair.

While many books on the market address the practical ways of styling Afro-textured hair naturally, Hairlooms asks: Why is it so difficult for Black women to embrace their hair?

and How can Black women overcome the multi-layered challenge of embracing their natural hair and beauty?

Based on hairstyles, study participants were asked to judge whether models possessed several social attributes.

Released by some to explore robust expression, it's been known to cause a double take. At some level, all of us know that hair issues dangle beyond texture and length.

Words have power, and those that Black women often use to describe their hair are derogatory: nappy, steel wool, out of control.

They often personally inherit these terms and pass them along without even realizing the crushing effects these words have on their feelings about the person they see in the mirror.

As adults, however, we cannot seem to help ourselves.

A quick glance of someone is often enough to form a distinct first impression.

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