Dating parker pipes

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Dating parker pipes

‘Hard water upsets our skin’s protective layer, which leads to water loss and dryness,’ says Dr Stefanie Williams, medical director at European Dermatology London.

Mineral salts also prevent foaming products working properly, so you have to use much more of them which strips the skin of natural oils.

What to do about it: ‘Never go to bed without removing your make-up and washing your face thoroughly,’ says Dr Williams.To keep hair healthy, make sure pollution doesn’t build up by washing regularly with a clarifying shampoos such as Pureology’s Purify Shampoo, (£11.10, and finish off with Redken’s Time Reset Corrective Defense (£17.75,, a leave-in treatment that protects hair against pollution.‘Harsh climatic conditions such as wind, particularly bad in Scotland, dry the skin and can make certain skin conditions such as eczema worse.Cold wind can also aggravate rosacea and cause redness,’ says Dr Williams.‘Pollution chemicals have a tendency to stick to your skin and even enter your pores, they can be hard to get off.If you spent the day in a polluted area, consider doing two cycles of face washing in the evening.’Go for a vitamin-rich product full of antioxidants to counteract pollution, such as Murad’s Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30, (£51.30, uk) or try Avon’s Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream (£20, uk).

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Use wax-free formulas to make hair sleek without weighing it down.

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