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#7 - Weddings and Weldings: This garage is actually a bomb shop and combines the real life drive-thru wedding services of Las Vegas with the convenience of getting your car equipped with high explosives.

Not exactly a shotgun wedding but it's a lot more violent.

All numbered eggs are locations on a map created by Mxyzptlk (which should be on the Lord Of The Eggs website soon. They both relate to the biographical history of the area, most notably, the tales of a cavalry unit that fell down a hole near Fort Pastor.

#3 - Cock Rock: Although seen in various Western movies, this is one particular stone column that would have made John Wayne blush.

Most have been posted before but not in a whole list such as this. Large Image With Key Small Map Image With No Key Those non-numbered references are either not location specific, impossible to pinpoint (e.g., in the sky or on the radio) or just tips and hints. Mapped Eggs: #1 - Silver Vibrator: There is a Silver Vibrator located behind some Dumpsters in Bayside, North of San Fierro. #2 - Aldea Malvada, The Lost Pueblo: This is the larger of two sets of Native American/Mexican ruins in the game.

This could be a way to dispose the bodies of intruders into nearby Area 69 although it could refer to a real-life murderer.

#5 - Millie's Gimp Desires: Simply pose as a gimp when you arrive at Millie's for a date and she will immediately bring you inside for sex. #6 - Lemmings Easter Egg: Although highly contended to be just a glitch, if you go here, you will see pedestrians walking off the edge of the building then jumping.

#19 - Michelle's tools: Go to upper San Fierro into Michelle's Garage and look inside with the Camera at her utility bench on your left.

You will see she has very nice collection of different types and sizes of sexual pleasure tools. This is a computer that has appeared in the latest 3 GTA instalments.

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#4 - Buried Body Bags: There is a pile of dead bodies in disposable bags located in El Castillo Del Diablo, South West of the airstrip in the desert.