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During the American Revolutionary War, their villages, including Kanadaseaga ("Seneca Castle"), were wiped out during the 1779 Sullivan Expedition by Continental troops under order by General George Washington to invade their homeland, destroy their dwellings and crops, and end their threat to the patriots.They destroyed nearly 50 Seneca and Cayuga villages.These finger rings are usually made of brass and have a single-piece band with a flat, geometric plague containing cast or engraved designs, symbols, or letters.The exact origin of these rings is unknown; they are referred to as "Jesuit" because of the religious motifs that are found on many of the rings, but secular designs are also common., c. Old Tag #257, band has no fissure, near perfect................................, 20mm brass Jesuit ring excavated at a Seneca site in Oneida, NY, c.This group contains a partial white conch shell showing the effect of portions of the shell being chipped or cut away.This is a rare early for trade artifact grouping dating to the 18th Century.Restrung Dutch beads of approximately 12" along with single beads, intact copper bracelet.

Tedious labor was required to chip or saw off thin sections of shell in order to bore small holes in them before finishing the surfaces by grinding.

These were very popular in the trade with the Indians and are found in numerous Indian sites in North America.

These examples are from an undetermined site with excellent details and conditions........................................., 1650 - 1710, Dutch trade beads and a copper wire bracelet.

1680, 19 mm, double ridged band Jesuit ring, excavated years ago on a Seneca site in Montgomery County, NY, known as the "White Orchard Site". 1650, triple ridged band with oval plaque with IHS engraved on the plaque.

Old tag #336, design on plague two figures, one possibly an animal, perfect condition with no fracture of band, a very early example..............................., 21 mm, Jesuit brass ring with an octagon shaped plaque, rope bordered, with an incised heart design. The IHS design is assumed to stand for Isus Hominis Salvator, which means "Jesus Savior of Mankind." No fissures to band, near perfect...

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Partial white conch shell showing parts of the shell chipped or cut away in the process of making wampum, several remnants of shell used in wampum making white and purple in color.